Five Ways to Make Money with NFTs in 2023: Create, Sell, Profit

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You create a mesmerizing piece of digital art, a mosaic of pixels that’s one of a kind. You’re not just an artist; you’re an NFT magician. With a few clicks, that artwork is tokenized, a digital certificate of authenticity locked in a secure blockchain. And then, boom! It’s out there in the world, ready to be bought, sold, and oh yes, make you money. But that’s just the tip of the NFT iceberg.

With the NFT market surging into 2023, it’s essential to grasp the transformative potential they hold for individuals thinking how to make money with NFT. We’re living in an era where digital sneakers, virtual real estate, and even tweets can be worth millions. This blog serves as your guide to learning about different ways to make money with NFTs.

Create and Sell NFT: How Artists are Cashing in on NFTs

Individual NFT artworks represent the highest pinnacle of valuable non-fungible assets. Artists like Beeple have recently amassed substantial fortunes by licensing their creations for millions of dollars. For artists and digital creators aiming to turn their creativity into earnings, exploring these digital treasures is a promising avenue. This contemporary approach has gained global recognition, with esteemed institutions like Christie’s, renowned for its auction expertise, wholeheartedly embracing this transformative trend. If you’re an artist looking to monetize your digital efforts, delving into the world of NFTs offers an unprecedented path to both creative expression and financial accomplishment.

Earning and Selling in P2E NFT Games

In recent years, a distinct online gaming category has surged—play-to-earn (P2E) games. These integrate cryptocurrency into gameplay, letting players earn crypto by achieving in-game goals. P2E NFT games allow you to earn in-game collectible NFTs, with the potential to sell. Popular games with rare items hold valuable NFT potential. Yet, 2022’s P2E games lack popularity compared to others, delaying NFT value growth. Game-specific NFTs risk devaluation if the game loses support or popularity.

Build a Royalty Revenue Stream

Fundamentally, NFTs operate as software segments on a blockchain via smart contracts. These contracts can be coded to provide creators a portion of crypto each time their NFT is sold, termed as royalty. Numerous NFT marketplaces restrict royalties to 10%. Given that these payments arise solely during NFT ownership transfers, royalties prove most effective for frequently traded NFTs.

Selling Wearable Art: NFT Fashion

You might have noticed that apparel and fashion brands utilize these tokens to craft and launch exclusive digital versions of outfits. Renowned art collections and design trademarks have also ventured into this domain. For fashion enthusiasts, creators, or apparel entrepreneurs, NFTs offer remarkable advantages. The potential of NFTs remains vast, particularly in collaboration with fashion entities. By initiating an independent NFT platform for diverse clothing and accessories, you can seize the expanding NFT opportunities in this dynamic landscape.

Shining as an NFT Influencer: Niche Fame and Fortunes

Becoming an NFT influencer involves establishing your name in an unconventional field. Conversely, as an NFT influencer, your role revolves around educating the public about these digital assets through valuable content. Naturally, you might wonder how this translates into earnings. The answer lies in strategically building a substantial following and crafting a distinct brand, opening doors to vending diverse products and services.

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