From Paper to Polygon Blockchain: Sports Illustrated Turns Digital with NFT Ticketing Platform

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From Paper to Polygon Blockchain: Sports Illustrated Turns Digital with NFT Ticketing Platform:

Are you tired of paper tickets and the hassle they bring? Sports Illustrated has revolutionized the way we think about ticketing with its cutting-edge SI Box Office, an NFT ticketing platform built on the Polygon blockchain. With digital tickets, you can say goodbye to lost or counterfeit tickets and hello to a seamless and secure ticketing experience. But what exactly are NFTs, and how have they made their way into ticketing?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets stored on the blockchain. They allow for digital assets ownership and transfer securely and transparently, making them the right fit for ticketing. Sports Illustrated’s new ticketing service, dubbed “Box Office,” is changing the game by allowing event organizers to issue individually designed NFT tickets. These commemorative tickets, such as early-event and post-event rewards, come with added perks and are securely stored on the Polygon blockchain.

SI Tickets and ConsenSys Partner to Launch Box Office, a Game-Changing NFT Ticketing Solution

Sports Illustrated’s ticketing subsidiary, SI Tickets, has recently unveiled its latest innovation in event management and primary ticketing: Box Office. Powered by the Polygon blockchain and developed with Web3 software developer ConsenSys, Box Office offers owners and organizers. It hosts a complete, scalable, and customizable solution for paid or free ticketed live sporting events. As part of this revolutionary platform, SI Tickets and ConsenSys are teaming up to launch the Super Ticket, which will provide event hosts with unprecedented connectivity with their attendees through exclusive offers, collectibles, highlights, and loyalty benefits using NFT technology. This latest development highlights the growing importance of blockchain in the ticketing industry and heralds an exciting era of ticketing innovation.

Introducing Super Ticket: The NFT-Enabled Future of Event Ticketing

Since Sports Illustrated’s global event marketplace launched, it has been gearing up to revolutionize the primary ticket market. With their Super Ticket feature, attendees can quickly access expedited entry passes, drink coupons, and music downloads before the event and receive post-event video content and rewards. Furthermore, guests can permanently keep their event’s NFT tickets in their digital wallet, according to the official website’s information for event organizers.

The Growing Marketplace with $2.5B in Inventory and Zero Transaction Fees

Since its launch in June 2021, SI Tickets has amassed a staggering $2.5 billion worth of inventory on its global event marketplace. With a zero-fee policy for all transactions and a foolproof 100% refund guarantee in case of cancellations, SI Tickets has already become a significant player in the ticketing industry. The newly introduced Box Office platform, designed with Polygon blockchain, offers an immediate ticketing solution for event organizers. For a modest $1.40 and 3% commission per ticket plus 3% merchant pass-through fees, Box Office opens up a world of possibilities for event organizers to promote, manage, and sell their event tickets seamlessly.

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