Exploring the Emergence of NFT Fashion in the Middle East through Regional Brands

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Exploring the Emergence of NFT Fashion in the Middle East through Regional Brands:

The fashion world is constantly evolving, and with the advent of NFTs, the sector has taken an exciting new turn. Recently, Arab Fashion Brands have been at the forefront of NFT fashion, pioneering groundbreaking new looks by applying cutting-edge technology. NFTs are transforming the shopping experience by fostering customer involvement, building communities, and giving consumers greater agency. This article explores some Arab Fashion Brands pioneering NFT fashion in the region.

Arab Fashion Brands Pioneering Nft Fashion

The Modist

The Modist is a Dubai-based modest fashion startup. Ghizlan Guenez and Hajar Ouhsine founded it, and last year, it made a strong return to the online retail space by releasing an NFT collection. The co-founders revealed, during an interview, that they will release a collection named Queen Mode. The collection will consist of 10,000 NFTs designed by artist Ale Michel. The Modist views this launch as an opportunity to encourage women to participate in the Web3 community and establish environments where they can prosper in the field in the years to come.

Briar Prestidge

Briar Prestidge unveiled their collection of virtual suits for women during Metaverse Fashion Week in May 2022. Briar Prestidge is based between New York and Dubai. Designer Briar Prestidge mentioned in an interview that she had dedicated the past few years to learning about AR, VR, and XR. She expressed that the current generation has been raised in a digital world, making them digital natives, and brands need to take that into consideration. Briar has released several Metasuits in distinct colors, including fire red, cobalt blue, grey, and maroon. These suits are available on Decentraland.

Rami Kadi

Last year, a famous fashion couture designer from Lebanon, Rami Kadi, released his initial NFT collection named “Lucid Algorithms.” Kadi is known for designing statement gowns that have been worn by celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Myriam Fares. During an interview, he shared that NFTs have the potential to make history by being more than just a tool for art and fashion. There are some benefits to having a Rami Kadi NFT. At Kadi’s studio, customers can personalize a couture item based on their NFT. They can also dress their avatars in 2D or 3D and attend all of Kadi’s events, whether online or in person. This combines both the virtual and physical shopping experiences that Kadi provides.


It is a character-driven tech fashion brand utilizing sustainability methods. The brand aims to revolutionize the promotion of Middle Eastern design by creating a digital fashion world using AI/AR technology. This world will be based on an Arabian Sci-Fi comic storyline journey. Sawwad’s goal is to transform the fashion industry through the introduction of a novel model called Fashion-tech.


NFT fashion is a fascinating new trend that is revolutionizing the fashion industry, and Middle Eastern brands are at the forefront of this revolution. The NFT fashion industry is constantly changing and developing. Middle Eastern brands are likely to keep innovating and producing one-of-a-kind designs.

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