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Creativity is the soul of existence. Creativity is the child of human existence because no other species on earth is as creative as a man. The world has seen many eminent creative personalities. Shakespeare has marked his place in gold in the field of literature, Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings are admired by humanity, and Bob Dylan is a famous musician who has filled many hearts with his art of music. 

The creativity of man has to be identified and rewarded to ensure the flourishing of the art and culture in a country or land. Earlier, the books and paintings were copyrighted to prevent any duplication of the original content. The copyrights are to preserve the ownership of the creator of his/her art and monetize their work.

The modern era has seen creativity from a different angle. With the emergence of social media and digital media, the creativity of humans has found no bound. Not just books, poems, and paintings, there is a lot of creative content being generated every day in the form of jokes, videos, artworks, audio, tweets, and infographics.

Every original content creator has a right to copyright his or her work to gain recognition and prevent copying of his or her work. Copyrights also allow creators to sell their work and earn revenue from it. 

Hence, the invention of Non-fungible asset tokens (NFT) has revolutionised the field of creativity. NFTs are the tokens or digital certificates issued after an individual purchases a specific artwork or goods such as a tweet, postcard, virtual property, or a video. The NFTs rely on the principle of blockchain and hence are transparent transactions. Every NFT generated is unique and every transaction in NFTs is recorded on a public ledger and cannot be amended or duplicated.

Thus NFTs help artists and content creators to thrive on their creativity by helping them monetize their work easily. Also, the entire field of creativity can be digitised by transacting through NFTs. NFTs are now used for transactions in the fashion industry

We provide valuable information on the NFT art, usage of NFTs for climate change and the best NFT marketplace in the Middle East which help you to understand the development of the field of NFT and its implications in various fields. So, stay tuned to see the growth of NFTs.