Casio Introduces “Virtual G-Shock”: A Community-Centric Initiative Leveraging NFTs for Collaborative Creation

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Casio, the Japanese electronics conglomerate, is spreading its sporty G-shock watch brand into the metaverse. In order to accomplish this, they are releasing the virtual G-shock, a blockchain-based community co-creator. This innovative company is making its debut using NFTs issued on Polygon, an Ethereum scaling network.

From September 23 to September 26, Casio’s official website will be open to users with a Casio ID. During this time, users can claim one of 15,000 NFT-based G-Shock creator permits, which enable them access to the project’s special Discord channel.

Casio chose Polygon for its Web3 launch due to the network’s exceptional speed and user-friendly experience, making it a simple and uncomplicated decision. This is consistent with a broader trend in which numerous international companies are expanding their product offerings and gaining recognition by entering the Web3 arena.

Notably, brands such as Starbucks, Prada, and Adidas have also chosen Polygon for their Web3 endeavors, demonstrating their dedication to decentralization and expanding their presence in the Web3 world.

Insights on the Upcoming Launch of Virtual G-Shock Timepieces

Takahashi Oh, senior general manager of Casio’s watch division, shared that there had been a rise in demand for virtual experiences recently due to the spread of Web3, a decentralized internet. He added that they started this initiative to grow the G-Shock brand in order to reach out to previously untapped demographics.

Oh discussed Casio’s desire to bring the G-Shock watch line, which has shipped over 100 million pieces since its launch in 1983, to the metaverse and interactive online spheres in a recent interview. The NFT-based project aims to make it easier for the community to work with the company to create these wearable devices.

Oh outlined the goals of the co-creation of the Virtual G-Shock Project, which include promoting the habit of wearing virtual watches while enhancing the G-Shock brand’s presence in the virtual and Web3 realms.

He explained that the intention is to create a scenario where many avatars wear wristwatches and G-Shocks, much like the actual world, in a metaverse connected to NFTs. In order to accomplish this vision, they want to grow the network of collaborators working to realize the future imagined by Virtual G-Shock and create virtual devotees through the co-creation initiative.

Also, companies like Lacoste have lately included co-creation components into their Web3 loyalty programs, and Tommy Hilfiger worked with DressX on an AI design competition during Metaverse Fashion Week in March. Notably, Polygon has attracted well-known businesses to create their presence on its network, including Adidas, Nike, and Starbucks.

The information was released following Casio’s August 22 trademark application, which covered virtual watches and clothing. With the latest metaverse move for the G Shock, Casio hopes to increase its popularity.

Users will be invited to submit design concepts for the G shock creator pass during the community initiative, and the best design will be chosen through public voting. After that, it will resemble the Polygon NFT pass.


The Japanese electronics giant Casio is getting set to launch shock-resistant sports watches in the metaverse. As Polygon NFTs, the watches will be released and used as wearables. 

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