NFTs In Fashion And Coffee: How Nike And Starbucks Are Leading The Way By Becoming Top NFT Brands

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NFTs In Fashion And Coffee: How Nike And Starbucks Are Leading The Way By Becoming Top NFT Brands: 

Despite the ups and downs of the NFT market, major corporations are still keen to explore the potential of this emerging technology. Among these enterprising companies are multi-billion dollar brands like Nike and Starbucks, who are carving out a unique space for themselves as top NFT brands. With innovative digital offerings like Nike NFT sneakers and Starbucks NFT collectibles, these industry giants are leading the way at the intersection of fashion and coffee culture with NFTs.

Brand marketers have shifted their approach to Web3 assets. Different top NFT brands are opting for new terms like “virtual creations” and “collectibles” rather than the ubiquitous “NFT.” Starbucks’ Web3-based rewards program, Odyssey, doesn’t even mention NFTs in its terms of service but calls the digital rewards “Stamps.” The brands are taking a more practical marketing approach, choosing language free from the negative connotations of earlier iterations.

The Cryptokicks iRL: Nike’s Revolutionary Web3 Sneaker

Nike and RTFKT have joined forces to launch the Cryptokicks iRL, a cutting-edge innovative sneaker that fuses Nike’s sneaker tech with RTFKT’s Web 3 expertise. This Web3-native Nike NFT sneaker comes with an array of advanced features such as auto-lacing, gesture control, haptic feedback, enhanced lighting, walk detection, app connectivity, AI/ML algorithms, and wireless charging with the RTFKT Powerdeck. The Cryptokicks iRL is available in four styles, including Blackout, Ice, Space Matter, and Stone, priced between $450 and $1,000.

Inside The Hype: Starbucks’ NFT Collection Sells Out In 20 Minutes

Starbucks has ventured into the NFT world by launching its first paid collection, “Journey Stamps.” The set includes 2,000 distinct digital stamps, each carrying a price tag of $100. The coffee giant has used a simpler and more relatable name for their NFTs, making them more accessible to the masses. The Journey Stamps collection was an instant hit, with all units selling out within 20 minutes of release, a testament to the growing popularity of NFTs in mainstream culture. Starbucks’ NFT-based rewards program offers users exclusive digital content and live events at the store. The program could also offer unique experiences, such as trips to Starbucks’ coffee farm in Costa Rica.

Pragmatism Takes Over: Major Brands’ New Approach To Web3 Marketing 2.0

Brands and their advertising agencies are taking a more practical approach to use Web3 assets. With the negative connotations surrounding crypto, major companies seek alternative ways to leverage virtual creations and collectibles in their marketing strategies. Instead of focusing on NFT drops, brands like Nike and Starbucks use nascent Web3 programs to drive customer loyalty. By facilitating virtual commerce and joining gaming platforms like Roblox, these top NFT brands are forging deeper relationships with their customers through innovative technology.

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