Top 8 Latest NFTs Games to Look Out for

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NFT games are not as complex as they make out to be; they are simple digital collectibles or tokens created using blockchain technology and modified to allow the participation of gamers like video games. In turn, the gamers are rewarded with collectibles that can be sold or transferred to a compatible wallet for trading. Unlike ordinary video games, NFT games are quite interactive with better gaming models, and they also reward players tangibly and financially. Here are a few of them that may perk your interest.

Which 8 NFTs Are Worth Looking Out For 

  1. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is definitely one of the top 10 NFTs games to watch out for. Located in the metaverse, the Sandbox is the digital representation of the childhood sand game where anything can be built out of sand! The game includes creative tools and design that allows users to build anything they can think of. As a cherry on top, it allows such models to be sold on its marketplace in return for tokens. Other games and interactive projects can also be built by one user for the benefit of others.

  1. Axie Infinity

In search of an adventure or interactive mission? Then Axie Infinity is the perfect game for you. It involves a virtual world filled with creatures known as Axies. In turn, these creatures can be collected, battled, or even bred! At the beginning of each adventure, a player is given a free starter Axie which all possess unique abilities, runes, and charms at every turn to help the player succeed in their mission. Like humans, Axies have abilities and genes, and they can be traded on Axie Infinity’s marketplace.

  1. Sorare – Fantasy Football

Sorare is definitely one of the latest NFT games to watch out for. As the name above implies, Sorare is a fantasy football NFT game that allows players to assemble a virtual team using the characters of real-life football players. These teams then go on to compete and win leagues. The success of each virtual team is dependent on the actual performance of the real-life players. As such, where a particular virtual team has many players that have done excellently in any of the leagues in the real world, the gamer stands a chance of winning several rewards.

  1. Splinterlands

Ever heard of the Lord of the Rings? Splinterlands is certainly similar. Set in a magical land where Mana cups are a thing, Splinterlands allows battles and playable elements. Players are given a quest, and it is based on their skill levels and collection size that they can win rewards and tournaments and are ranked in order of abilities. It rewards players with card assets that can be traded in the marketplace or on third-party platforms such as Monster Market or Open Sea. The cards can also be converted into cryptocurrency

  1. Illuvium

Illuvium is a self-acclaimed interoperable blockchain game. It is situated in a universe of Illuvium, and players can choose to experience a sci-fi adventure and conquer the alien wilderness to help a virtual team stranded on another planet survive. On each mission, there is a chance to find and capture Illuvials -deadly beasts which possess powerful abilities which players can train. Illuvium has in-game assets, and such assets can be stored on Ethereum and traded in any marketplace.

  1. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is one of the latest NFT games. It is totally free and offers complete ownership of all items gotten in the game. It involves a journey in Eucos, a fantasy world in the game. Players battle with powerful magic and attempt to defeat their foes subject to the instructions of six domain gods in the fictional world of Eucos. So far, about $178 million cards have been exchanged, and in 2020, players spent $74 billion on in-game items alone. It is indeed an excellent depiction of a play-to-earn platform 

  1. Battle of the Guardians

In Battle of the Guardians (BOG), multiple players embark on a constant battle to beat other players. It is built on a combination of the Solana network and Binance Smart chain and is set in a fantasy world where players battle in a ring. One of the outstanding features of BOG is its high-definition graphics and the fact that players get to interact with others like them to test their besting skills. BOG also has multiple-player tournaments, and the platform fully incorporates NFTs into all stages.

  1. MetaWars

Metawars joins its sci-fi counterparts as it involves an exploration of its sci-fi world in the metaverse. It has a Wars currency that players can buy and provides in-depth tutorials for all players before they begin the game. The game is built on the Binance Smart Chain, and it allows users to earn goods by trading whatever fortune they stumble across in the course of the game. MetaWars uses a Stake-to-Earn platform which essentially allows players to own the Metawars token and earn various rewards.


So, there you have it – the top 8 latest NFTs games to look out for. They are worth their substance in time and interaction. They are also the best way to do what you love – which may essentially be nothing, and make some very good bucks while at it.

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