Binance’s AI NFT Generator: Empowering KYC Verified Users to Create Authentic NFTs

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In the rapidly evolving world of digital art, creating unique pieces has become a sought-after skill. Now, imagine having the power to generate your own NFTs using artificial intelligence. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, Binance, a titan in the crypto exchange industry, has turned this dream into reality with the launch of its AI NFT Generator, fondly named Bixel.

Bixel is not just an AI NFT maker; it’s a tool that enables users to craft custom digital artworks, adding another dimension to the NFT creation process. However, there’s a prerequisite to unlocking this creative potential – users must complete Binance’s stringent Know Your Customer (KYC) identity verification process. This measure ensures the platform remains secure and trustworthy, aligned with regulatory requirements and best practices.

Missed the Chance? Binance Brings Back Bixel

Bixel has previously been made accessible twice. Its initial appearance was on March 1, 2023, during a brief beta test for a select group of European users, leading to the rapid creation of 10,000 NFTs. The service was then briefly reopened to all users globally on March 29, but was only available for 12 hours, serving the first 100,000 users. If you missed these opportunities, there’s no need to worry. Starting July 26, this AI NFT generator is back and available for regular use. Binance is thrilled to announce this return, featuring significant enhancements and new developments. This version of the service, Bixel, demonstrates Binance’s commitment to empowering all users to unleash their creativity.

Bixel’s Evolution: Key Updates and Requirements

As Bixel enters a thrilling new phase, it’s essential to understand its unique AI NFT generator’s updates and requirements. Bixel is democratizing the NFT space, allowing all users to create and mint their own AI-generated NFTs. Users must complete a ‘Know Your Customer’ process to maintain a secure platform. This vital measure ensures a secure and reliable platform for all users, adhering to industry best practices and regulatory norms. Lastly, minting NFTs with Bixel comes with a small fee, currently pegged at 0.008 BNB (around $2). This fee guarantees the smooth creation of NFTs on the BNB Smart Chain, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Unleash Daily Creativity: Bixel’s Generative Power

Bixel brings a suite of dynamic features to the table, designed to bolster your creative process and facilitate the creation of your unique NFT. With ten free art creation opportunities daily, you can either generate a brand-new image or tweak an existing one. These opportunities reset at 00:00 UTC, offering fresh avenues for digital art creation daily. Bixel also empowers you to select a style that aligns with your creative vision from nine distinct options, adding a personal touch to your AI-generated image. Also, Bixel’s Variation and Upscale features allow for the refinement and enhancement of your artwork, ensuring high-resolution output.

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