Polygon Collaborates with The Sandbox to Enable Reduced Fee NFT Trading

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Last Updated on December 28, 2023 by newseditor

One major player in the Non-Fungible Tokens and virtual metaverse creation space, The Sandbox, has made great progress in improving accessibility and cutting costs for both users and creators. The most recent event is the introduction of The Sandbox Marketplace on Polygon, which is expected to change the NFT market drastically.

Polygon’s Game-Changing Role: Reducing Non-Fungible Tokens Transaction Fees and Expanding Trading Opportunities

With this launch, one of the most noteworthy aspects is that anyone can use CATALYSTs to mint digital assets (ASSETs) on the Polygon marketplace. As a result, a wider audience can access and democratize the process of creating Non-Fungible Tokens. Interestingly, Polygon’s network mitigates a long-standing issue in the NFT space by substantially reducing transaction fees.

In addition, The Sandbox offers a secondary market that enables non-fungible token owners to resell assets that they did not produce on the network. This creates new opportunities for digital collectibles trading and revenue generation.

In the event that you already have CATALYSTs, minting in the Polygon market is also quite easy. But what happens if you haven’t yet gotten CATALYSTs? Contributors to the ecosystem, including LAND owners, will receive CATALYSTs from the Sandbox. This effort is part of their ongoing commitment to expanding possibilities for creators.

Also, there is no reason for present ASSET holders to be concerned about what will happen to their assets. In the future, assets created on the Ethereum chain can be easily transferred to the Polygon layer without affecting their functionality. Unminted assets (such as equipment) will be migrated to conform to the new framework, ensuring a seamless user transfer.

For a long time, NFT enthusiasts have been concerned about gas fees. However, The Sandbox has addressed this issue by lowering rates on the Polygon marketplace. In addition, they also improve affordability by paying a fraction of customers’ Polygon transaction fees throughout their network. 

The marketplace’s user interface has been completely redesigned, including better asset upload processes, asset moderation, and an overall better user experience. This guarantees users a smooth and effective trading experience.

How to Buy NFT on Polygon Through The Sandbox Marketplace

Before you can buy your first NFT on Polygon through The Sandbox Marketplace, you have to first log in. Once you have done that, you can get started by browsing the marketplace, choosing the NFT you want, and then finishing the transaction by connecting your wallet to the Polygon network. The method has been simplified to make it accessible to both newbies and experienced collectors.

As The Sandbox grows its metaverse and NFT offerings, creators are encouraged to join in VoxEdit contests and contribute to the active community. The debut of the new marketplace also includes a captivating collection from 30 talented artists, expanding the variety of available ASSETs. 


The Sandbox’s decision to open its Polygon marketplace presents both makers and collectors with exciting opportunities. It represents a major advancement in the constantly changing NFT landscape with lower prices, enhanced user experience, and a dedication to accessibility.

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