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Is NFT (Crypto) Legal in Saudi Arabia

Non-fungible tokens are an evolving and dynamic landscape for innovation and invention, and the leadership of many countries – while realizing this fact – are beginning to jump on the train for this innovation. One of how many countries have found it effective to harness the potentials of NFTs in their jurisdictions and the diverse foreign direct investment that comes with it is to legalize the use of NFTs NFT in their borders. Even countries in the otherwise conservative Middle Eastern countries with countries like the United Arab Emirates spearheading the legalization of NFT in the Middle East. Below, we consider the use of NFTs in Saudi Arabia and the question on everyone’s lips: Is NFT legal in Saudi Arabia?

What is the Timeline for NFT Use in Saudi Arabia?

As with other countries, Saudi Arabia has used NFTs somewhat over the years. During the NFT awareness boom in 2021, Saudi Arabia was one of the countries in the Middle East that observed the emerging trends in the use of NFTs. The country’s citizens have remained actively involved in cryptocurrency and NFT, and it has begun utilizing the same technology used to create these tokens for its digital currency, which can potentially serve as legal tender in the country. Clearly, from all indications, Saudi Arabia is pro-NFTs and has made no express attempt to prohibit the technology or punish those actively involved in the use and trade of NFTs. However, it is also essential to consider if NFT is legal in the country, which is what the section below does.

Is NFT (Crypto) Legal in Saudi Arabia

Like many of its counterparts in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia has taken a relatively neutral stance regarding the use of NFT (crypto). The country has not issued any specific guidelines or regulations concerning the legality of NFTs. Likewise, there are no penalties for persons who trade digital assets such as NFT and crypto. The country has, however, issued several warnings to educate the public on the potential volatility of assets such as NFTs and has advised persons to trade only when they possess the requisite understanding of NFT market trends.

Indeed, Saudi Arabia’s stance is commendable. In a world where several countries have not pulled back the punches in prohibiting NFTs or tagging them as legal, Saudi  Arabia attempts to mediate between the conservatives and the liberals by ensuring an environment where NFTs are quasi-legal. This gives investors a chance to dabble in NFTs and affords those who are a bit concerned about it an opportunity to stay out. That way, the country has prevented two sides of extremity, ensuring growth and investment without sacrificing any sides.


This article outlines the trend in NFT (crypto) in Saudi Arabia and the legal climate of its use within the country’s borders. While it is commendable that Saudi Arabia has maintained a neutral stance regarding this trend so far, the government may need to decide soon regarding the legality or whatnot of NFTs within its borders.

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