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Metaverse As A Service: Launching NFT Museums, Building Digital Art Galleries, And Beefing Up To Web 3 Technology Standards

Metaverse As A Service

Metaverse As A Service

Although traditionally metaverse-friendly industries like gaming, digital art, fashion, and real estate continue to lead the way, even ordinary industries are increasingly testing the waters of Web3. Collaborative activities, business procedures, investments, cryptocurrencies, and NFT museums are some of the many use cases that MaaS will facilitate. As an enterprise solution, MaaS helps organizations expand and consolidate their foothold in the 3D virtual world.

Dubai is now home to the worldwide headquarters of Metapolis, which is the world’s first platform to provide the Metaverse as a service. While MaaS won’t let companies build their own Decentraland or Roblox-style Metaverse, it will allow them to capitalize on the existing Metaverse structure in the same way that SaaS lets companies use software.

UAE Is A Key Component Of MaaS’s Global Expansion Strategy

Metapolis is quickly becoming known as a platform that welcomes clients from every sector who wish to create a virtual environment as per their demands. Metapolis’s quest to become everyone’s Metaverse is paralleled by Dubai’s aim to become a worldwide metaverse powerhouse. The Dubai Metaverse Strategy aims to increase the digital economy’s input to the emirate’s total GDP to $4 billion by 2030. Dubai’s efforts to create a healthy metaverse environment will lead to Web 3 technology advancements in the modern digital age. Due to its central location and business-friendly atmosphere, Dubai is ideally suited to house Metapolis’s global headquarters.

A Goal Of Becoming The Next Internet: Metapolis Is Aiming For High

MaaS is a new take on the popular SaaS model, which is a business structure for Web 2 technology that basically enables businesses to subscribe to specific software packages in exchange for a license. MaaS offers end-to-end metaverse services, meaning companies will get assistance at every stage of the process, from brainstorming to deploying to creating. Metapolis’s ultimate goal is to replace the current Internet. Keeping privacy, stability, and digital identification in mind, it strives to build a future of interoperability. According to reports, Metapolis has already begun procedures by forming deals and alliances with several heavy hitter corporations from the Middle East. However, the agreements are currently confidential and cannot be shared publicly.

NFT Museums And Galeries: Connecting The Actual World With The Virtual World Of Digital Art

Through the use of NFT galleries, The Rare Antiquities helps close the gap between traditional and digital art. Metapolis has partnered with The Rare Antiquities and Rare FND on the development and introduction of its NFT museums, art, and crowdfunding offering within Rare City. Rare City intends to unite museums, NFT galleries, education, and fundraising to improve the physical and virtual worlds by making art, learning, and funding more approachable.

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