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The digital game store G2A recently expanded its services by adding gaming NFTs to services. Most recently, it unveiled a marketplace devoted to nonfungible tokens (NFTs) connected to Web3 games. 

The project debuted on November 15 and intends to provide carefully chosen Web3 and NFT games that the G2A team has approved. Through this effort, players may learn about the benefits of blockchain gaming and find NFTs in games that are partnered with G2A.

According to the CEO, Bartosz Skwarczek, the firm has been carefully observing the development of the blockchain gaming industry since the launch of the NFT gaming project Cryptokitties back in 2017. They learned from their observation that gamers are actively engaged in the industry. 

He said that they were curious to know how tech-savvy players were as well as the fundamentals of blockchain gaming. He went on to say that their research showed that players had a deep understanding of the blockchain gaming sector and that a significant percentage of them were actively playing web3 games and even taking part in NFT trading on gaming platforms.

He concluded by highlighting their choice to create an online platform for fans of decentralized gaming. It provides detailed information on the best web3 games and, most importantly, allows players to exchange digital assets related to these games.

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G2A Geekverse

Also, the game store launched G2A Geekverse. G2A Geekverse is an online community for fans of Web3 games. Skwarczek emphasized that users of this site would be able to exchange digital assets related to these games and get information about some of the best Web3 games.

The “Geekverse” platform would include Web3 and NFT games that the G2A staff has carefully chosen. This project will highlight NFTs from games that have partnered with G2A and provide players with an opportunity to explore the world of blockchain gaming.

Traditional game distributors have been using Web3 gaming more and more over the last several years. NFT games were first accepted by the Google Play Store in July, although there were certain restrictions. Their team says that games that provide NFTs as prizes or for sale will be allowed. Nonetheless, the app distributor made it clear that NFT-related gaming was not allowed on their platform.

In addition, a popular producer of video games, Epic Games, has accepted Web3 gaming. Gods Unchained is a collectible trading card game based on NFT that was released on June 22 on the Epic Games Store. Its gameplay is similar to those of famous games like Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering. By November 28, the game shop also plans to add Illuvium, another blockchain-based game, to its marketplace.

Geekverse will make it easier to purchase and trade NFTs associated with game collections from G2A’s partners. It will also include delivery of in-game items, freebies, and competitions. In keeping with its launch plan, the marketplace underlined its dedication to paying royalties as stipulated by the producers of NFT collections. 


G2A just entered the web3 space by launching an NFT marketplace and G2A Geekverse.

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