On the Flight to Nfts: Etihad Airways Presents Its Inaugural Aviation Nft Collection

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Etihad Airways Presents Its Inaugural Aviation Nft Collection :

Most of us think of digital artwork when we hear the term NFTs. But NFTs have many more extensive applications, and their use is quickly becoming trendy in the aviation sector. NFT’s innovative technologies have opened up new channels for ticket distribution, offering airlines more options for ticket sales. The aviation sector combines the best of classical NFT with the benefits of practical application and expertise. In addition to a novel kind of valuable NFT artwork, this upgrade to airline tickets allows passengers to manage and exchange their NFT airline tickets using their blockchain wallet effortlessly.

Etihad Airways is the most recent UAE company to get on the blockchain bandwagon. The aviation industry is releasing its own set of digital 3D airplane models as a kind of NFT. The EY-Zero1 is the aviation NFT series that will have ten unique 3D airplane models, each designed to look like an Etihad Boeing 787 Dreamliner. In honor of Etihad Airways’ founding year of 2003, the airline has launched a limited-edition series of the Etihad Airways NFT collection.

EY-Zero1: A Key To The Door That Unlocks One-Year Etihad Guest Silver Status

The digital economy is radically transforming due to NFTs and other metaverse technologies. Among the world’s airlines, Etihad Airways is one of the first to investigate the possibilities for bringing extra value to its customers. EY-Zero1 provides collectors, aviators, and world travelers with a one-of-a-kind piece of art. In addition, this unique aviation NFT also offers tangible travel and lifestyle advantages when paired with Etihad Airways. Buyers of the Etihad Airways NFT collection will get a year of Silver-level Etihad Guest status. Ten NFT holders will be randomly selected to receive free airline tickets. As part of the airline’s Web3 strategy, NFT holders will be granted early access to future NFT collections and metaverse services.

Minting EY-Zero1 On The Low-Power Polygon Network

Etihad Airways NFT collection has been designed to contribute to the company’s broader sustainability and decarbonization initiatives. When the EY-ZERO1 tokens are issued, they will be mined on the Polygon blockchain, which uses less energy than other blockchains. Etihad Airways will collaborate with Aerial.is to monitor NFTs’ carbon dioxide (CO2) output. The funds received from NFT collection in 2022 will be used to buy sustainable aviation fuel to mitigate carbon impact.

More And More Airlines Are Hitting The Ground Running In The Metaverse

Some of the world’s biggest and most prominent companies are considering the metaverse. If people visit the Qatar Airways website now, they may partake in what the company calls “Qverse,” an innovative VR experience. Hamad International Airport’s VIP Check-in facility and the cabin inside are now available for anyone to explore digitally. Qatar Airways is the first worldwide air carrier to debut a MetaHuman cabin crew, Sama, to deliver a digitally engaged passenger experience.

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