5 Most Shocking Nfts Ever Created

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5 Most Shocking Nfts Ever Created :

In the last few years, NFTs or non-fungible tokens, have been one of the biggest trends in the world. Non-fungible tokens are unique cryptographic assets on a blockchain. There has been much controversy about the actual use and value of NFTs. Some argue NFTs are valuable as art or as a means for people to express themselves. Others argue NFTs have no substantial benefit. This debate will probably only be settled in the long-term future. We have had periods where the NFTs were valuable. However, we are in a period where the price of NFTs has generally been on a decline. One thing we can all agree on is that there have been some shocking NFTs.

Discover some of the most shocking NFTs created below:

1. WarNymph

One of the most shocking NFTs came from a celebrity. Canadian musician and ex-girlfriend of Telsa and Twitter CEO Elon Musk’ Grimes’ created a collection of babies with angelic wings armed with various weapons. This collection was named ‘WarNymph’. Within 20 minutes, ten digital artworks were sold as NFTs for 5.8 million dollars. This price of the ‘Warnymphs’ guarding mars only adds to the shocking effect of the NFT. Credit to Grimes for creating one of the most bizarre NFTs out there.

2. Digital Toilet Paper with Flowers

It is unlikely you have heard of NFTP, also known as non-fungible toilet paper. Well, you have now. Toilet paper manufacturer Charmin introduced its digital toilet paper in 2021. This NFT is designed as a regular Charmin toilet paper with vines, flowers and bees around it. The NFTP was priced at $4,100 per pop. Charmin stated that 99.9% of the profit would be donated to the humanitarian organisation ‘Direct Relief’.

3. Fart symphony on the blockchain

The fart symphony is the least expensive item on this list. Selling at only $85, what the fart audio NFT lacks in price, it makes up in bizarreness. A New York-based film director Alex Ramirez-Mallis turned a recording of his fart into an NFT. Even stranger is that Ramirez and his friends collated a 52-minute audio of their farts. They called this collation ‘One Calendar Year of Recorded Farts”.

4. A Dog’s Stick

One of the most interesting things about NFTs is how they can turn anything on the blockchain into art. Even the favourite toy of man’s best friend, a stick. An object as simple as a twig found somewhere on the sidewalks of New York was digitised and sold as an NFT. The NFT was named aptly as the ‘twig’. The twig was designed to be the world’s first NFT for dogs. The digital twig sold for $1,200 and came accompanied by a physical stick in an aluminium case.

5. The World’s First Digital Perfume

One of the most exciting things about NFTs is how far you can push what an NFT is. We have seen numerous diverse NFTs; however, the perfume pushed the limits of what an NFT can be. A Berlin-based Look Lab sold a perfume named ‘Cyber Eau de Parfum’ for $18,000. This was the first ever digital-only fragrance. Applying near-infrared spectroscopy, its creators could scan the bottle package and the scent of the perfume.


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) typically make the headlines for all sorts of reasons. One of the reasons they can be so controversial is that NFTs keep pushing the limits of what NFTs can be. NFTs are still relatively novel, and there will likely be more shocking NFTs in the future.

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