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Autograph NFTs Explained :

Autograph NFTs Explained

In 2020, NFTS came into prominence. Since then, a lot more attention has been paid to the utilities of digital assets. Riding in the wave of this momentum, a number of NFT projects have rolled out, each with different utilities and selling points. Recently, another project joined the list – Autograph NFTs.

In this article, we will consider what Autograph NFTs are, how they came about, and what they are useful for.

What Are Autograph NFTs?

Autograph NFTs are unique digital collections that contain content on the most iconic brands and names in entertainment, sports, and culture. These collections are targeted at creating unique experiences for fans globally. In this project, various famous athletes and celebrities can develop their own NFTs. These NFTs are typically in the form of collections of real-life experiences that mean a lot to fans.

In the Autograph NFT project, famous athletes like Tiger Woods and Rafael Nadal are considerably involved in developing their NFTs instead of just signing off on them. Notably, the Autograph NFTs are not just mere illustrations. Instead, they come in the form of high-graphic digital representations. Some of the collectibles in the project include interactive posters and limited-edition magazines. There are also collectibles of iconic game-breaking highlights.

Noteworthy, Autograph NFTs are pretty different from other sports/entertainment-related NFTs. This is majorly because each Autograph NFT is actually autographed by the player or celebrity as part of the NFT collectibles. The Autograph platform powers these NFTs.

What is the Autograph Platform?

Autograph is an NFT platform established in 2021. The platform aims to bring together various recognizable brands and names in sports and entertainment. These brands and celebrities then create unique digital collections such as Autograph NFTs.

Notably, the platform was co-founded by Tom Brady and is headquartered in Los Angeles. Some notable names on its board of directors include Sam Bankman-Fried, Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd), Peter Mattoon, and Michael Meldman. In addition, various celebrities have also released collections on the platform. Such celebrities include Naomi Osaka, Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky, Tony Hawk, and Simone Biles.

What is the Appeal of Autograph NFTs?

The entire project of Autograph NFTs focuses on highlighting special moments relating to a particular celebrity or sport. These moments are typically very popular among the specific celebrity’s following. To illustrate, famous tennis player Rafael Nadal released the El Rey mystery container. This collection contained exclusive images from Nadal’s past games.

In essence, Autograph NFTs capture important nostalgic moments for fans. As fans buy each collection, they also earn rewards. Higher bidders receive greater rewards from Autograph. Fans can also acquire Autograph NFTs through airdrops. A drop date is typically set for each new NFT collection. On this date, fans can queue on the DraftKings Marketplace to access their desired NFTs.

In a way, Autograph NFTs have a similar appeal to NFT projects like NBA Top Shot or NFL All Day. However, Autograph NFTs are a bit different in that they focus more on representing iconic moments through 3D-animated statutes. In addition, autograph NFTs are less limited as they cut across various sports and include iconic pop culture moments.

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