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Arab women’s pathway into NFTs developing arts and design:

Evidence of why crypto isn’t only for guys comes from the fact that female artists are developing NFTs to empower women globally. NFTs may appeal to women searching for a path into a field largely dominated by men, such as blockchain and cryptocurrency. Massive growth and media attention have made the crypto sector more prevalent for people in the art and design industry. Women’s NFT initiatives are dominating the charts, permanently transforming the web3 business.

Arab women are also making their way into the NFT industry. Kuwaiti author Shurroq Amin has spectacular popularity with the NFT community for her collection of 15 works, the Popcornographic series, which explores the unique perspectives of Arab and Muslim women. The industry is significantly growing and diversifying with the emergence of talented NFT female artists showcasing their innovative work.

Bringing Women’s Voices And Visibility To The Digital Sphere

Shurroq Amin was immediately attracted to the concept of producing art that was uncensorable since her work frequently examines taboos and contradictions seen in contemporary Middle Eastern society. Shurooq Amin has received harsh criticism for her work and has had exhibitions shut down many times. But after several canceled events, Amin combined all her previously outlawed work into a single NFT compilation titled Popcornographics. Amin’s efforts are currently concentrated on providing other creatives with the same chance since joining the NFT community. During her efforts to create an NFT space for females, she met Sharifa AlBarami, an Omani digital entrepreneur with the same goal.

Towards Achieving Equality Through NFTs

Statistics reveal that many fewer women than men work in the cryptocurrency industry, even if the gender split among NFT artists is still unknown. The NFT industry caters to a certain demographic. Even if the volume of NFTs purchased is quite modest, the number of celebrities, artists, and investors has significantly increased. It’s crucial to note that some female artists have started working on NFT initiatives to demonstrate increasing female participation and encourage more women into the cryptocurrency industry.

Gender-Neutral Web3: Blowing A Breeze Of Acceptance

Beyond Power is an enticing NFT initiative that aims to change society and advance women’s equality in the decentralized Web3 era. The initiative, started by a young Jordanian lady named Oklah, contains 10,000 illustrations of females from various countries and backgrounds promoting tolerance. She began by designing a few images; then, she worked with a group of designers to expand her collection. The effort attempts to change the gender gaps that still exist on Web2 today by blowing a breeze of tolerance and inclusion. In this ever-evolving and booming virtual world, women are creating quite a stir. Numerous young Arab women are curious to learn more about and grasp this cutting-edge technology, and they have the capabilities to contribute greatly right off the bat. Several female producers, collectors, and technological pioneers are embracing NFTs and Web3 to liberalize their use and ensure inclusivity.

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