5 Uae Companies That Have Launched Their Own Nfts

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5 Uae Companies That Have Launched Their Own Nfts :

5 Uae Companies That Have Launched Their Own Nfts

Since the rise of NFTs to prominence in 2021, adoption has maintained an upward trajectory. However, the penetration of NFTs and other digital assets has not been limited to individuals. Several companies have also shown interest in NFTs, with many launching NFT collections already.

Brands ranging from The Recording Academy to Coca-Cola have, at some point in the past few years, made NFT drops. These NFTs collections are released for various reasons, such as charity (as was the case with Coca-Cola) or to create digital versions of their products like Nike.

Regardless of the rationale, it is clear that NFTs are increasingly becoming popular with corporate entities. Thus, in this article, we will focus on some UAE companies that have launched their own NFTs.


e& is a UAE telecom services provider formerly known as Etisalat Group. The company announced the launch of its first set of NFTs earlier this year. According to the telco, the first batch of the NFTs will be supplied on a limited basis. There is also a possibility of subsequent batches as the company updates its NFT plans. Notably, according to the company’s CEO, the NFTs had designs sourced in the UAE to support local creation of novel products, technologies, and solutions.

Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways, UAE’s national aviation company, announced the launch of its first NFT collection earlier in July. The collection, which is called EY-Zero1, will have 10 detailed 3D aircraft models. Each model would feature a different Etihad Boeing 787 Dreamliner livery. In addition, 2003 of these limited-edition collectibles are set to go on sale, symbolizing the year the founders launched the company.
Furthermore, according to the company, proceeds from the NFT sale would be allocated to purchase sustainable aviation fuel.


Bedu is a Dubai-based digital pioneer in Web3 technologies. The brand recently announced its second art drop, “Colonies On Mars: Our Artists’ Visions.” The project features works from nine artists, with each artist contributing up to two art pieces each. The project is aided by the renowned Thomas Dubois, Marcel Deneuve, Rui Huang, Alon Kartin, etc.
According to the company’s CEO, the project is geared at celebrating some of the finest minds in digital art and reflects the company’s commitment to championing creating freedom in Web3.


The UAE airliner, Emirates, has also announced plans to launch non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for its clientele and workers with a committed investment of tens of millions. According to the company’s statement, the Emirates Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai will be repurposed for the planned NFT collections. The company has also noted that its planned launch aligns with UAE’s advancements in building its digital economy.

Three Thrity3

The Web3 evolution enterprise, Three Thirty3, is collaborating with award-winning UAE resident artist Fabio Araujo for its first-ever NFT collection. The collection is titled ‘Digihood’ and is a tribute to the ‘spirit’ of humanity in all its forms. Notably, Three Thirty3 plans to drop more collectibles throughout the year.

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