Biggest Celebrities Who Have Launched NFTS Today

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Biggest Celebrities Who Have Launched NFTS Today

Biggest Celebrities Who Have Launched NFTS Today

From footballers to artists, actors, and comedians, the rave around NFTs has infused itself into the lives of many celebrities. Non-fungible Tokens, popularly known as NFTs is a digital asset stored on the blockchain technology. It allows owners use them to represent real-world assets like real estate or artworks. Asides from its transparency, the indivisibility, uniqueness, and prime ownership that NFTs provide are some of the major reasons for its rising adoption among creators across the globe. 

A list of seven celebrities who have launched their NFTs recently are:

  • Paris Hilton: March 2020 was the first time the American socialite created NFT to sell for charity. She sketched her kitten called Munchkin, and this NFT sold for $17 000. Her latest NFT creation is in collaboration with Superplastic, where they created the Past lives, New Beginnings collection to signify Hilton’s closing one chapter of her life and moving to the next. A huge fan of NFTs, Hilton has a separate Instagram page focused on promoting the digital asset.
  • Snoop Dogg: In April 2021, the famous rapper launched his NFT line titled “A Journey with the Dogg”. The collection featured Snoop’s memories from past years, an original song titled NFT, NFT-inspired artwork, and Snoop Dogg coins. 
  • Ellen DeGeneres: DeGeneres joined the NFT rush in April 2021 by hosting her own show of what NFT means as well. She also sold a physical drawn copy of a cat as her first NFT. Open for the first 24 hours, the talk show host earned $33, 495, which was donated to a food-relief organization. She recently made her support for NFTs more vocal in March 2022, when the Milkyway Pirates NFT band made its debut through the Ellen DeGeneres show.
  • Tony Hawk: Legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk hopped on the NFT train when he auctioned a video on the Ethernity Chain showing of his last 540-degree Ollie trick. He landed his first trick in 1989, and this NFT was tokenized as the ‘last ollie’ the skateboarder will do. 
  • Eminem: Eminem launched his own beat-inspired animated NFT of Stans in April 2021. The sale happened on the Nifty Gateway and included some original beats created by the rapper. 
  • Lionel Messi: The football superstar launched the Messiverse featuring himself portrayed as a king, superhero and a Greek mythology character. ISL, the marketing agency that launched the Messiverse, estimated the NFT collectibles to have reached $3.4 million on the first day of sales. Appreciating the digital art, Messi tweeted, “Art is like football, eternal”.
  • Grimes: Grimes sold 10 pieces of digital art in 2021 on the Nifty Gateway platform earning almost $6 million in less than 20 minutes. Some of the pieces included a few of her original compositions as background music, while some other pieces were representations of the future, other planets and even angels. 

Non-fungible tokens are changing the status quo in many industries. With the continual adoption of these digital assets by many celebrities, and the benefits that come alongside their uniqueness, it will not be long before we see several other celebrities jumping on the NFT train. 

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