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Terms of Use

The NFTNewsMe website (“NFTNewsMe”) is a news and content platform (“We, us, our”). Its main objective is to publish and archive news announcements, interviews, articles, and other related content.

By registering for NFTNewsMe, you agree to the following terms of use, limitations, quality policy, and fair use policy. NFTNewsMe reserves the right to suspend or delete your account if any of the terms below are believed not to have been adhered to. NFTNewsMe reserves the right not to publish any content that does meet any of the following terms and conditions.

1. Accuracy

Members of NFTNewsMe agree to only publish information that is factual and verifiable and accurate. Members are solely responsible for the facts, verification, and accuracy of all information submitted by them for distribution by NFTNewsMe. We will, however, try and make reasonable efforts to correct any error(s) of fact brought to its attention.

2. Acceptable content

Members of NFTNewsMe agree to only submit content that is related to the company or organization and is classified as a “news announcement”, “generally-information articles”, “thought leadership articles”, or “opinion pieces” among others.

3. Copyright

Members must not submit content that infringes on the copyright or the proprietary rights of a third party or is unlawful or offensive. All submitted releases MUST adhere to professional standards and code of ethics and may be deleted (without notice) if they do not.

4. Attribution

Members of NFTNewsMe will only submit content on behalf of the organization that the release is being submitted under. Any content submitted on behalf of another company (even if affiliated) may be deleted or edited. Members are advised that when submitting a press release or article, the person submitting it MUST be the owner of the email that is being used to log into NFTNewsMe portal.

5. Categorization

NFTNewsMe users agree to categorize content only under those categories that are relevant to the content. Any attempt to categorize content under more than five categories will lead to that content being reviewed and possibly removed.

6. Linking and fair-use

While we encourage the use of external links as part of our SEO strategy, NFTNewsMe users may not add content containing more than one external link to the same website domain in any press release.

Over-linking solely for Search Engine Optimization purposes is not allowed and is advised against due to penalties that may be associated with over-linking.

Inquiries concerning any NFTNewsMe content including text, photos, video, audio, and other content, or that may be related to the use of the NFTNewsMe service should be addressed to

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