Sharjah’s House of Wisdom to Host First NFT Art Exhibition in The Metaverse

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Sharjah’s House of Wisdom to Host First NFT Art Exhibition in The Metaverse

UAE leads the digital market in Web3 adoption and participates in the NFT art exhibition hosted for the first time in Sharjah. Sharjah has launched a unique non-fungible token art show in the Metaverse. It has entered the 3D virtual world and held an exhibition between March 1 and April 15. The exhibition included more than sixty foreign artists. A total of fifteen NFT artists from the UAE participated in the event.

NFT art bridges the gap between digital art and conventional art realms. Further, it allows access to the Metaverse. The Gateway to the Metaverse is arranged in association with Global Art Exhibition and the Morrow Collective. It was held at Sharjah’s House of Wisdom. Read on to explore what kind of art the exhibition covered and what was the purpose of having this exhibition.

NFT Art Exhibition: What Was It Like to Attend The NFT Art Exhibition?

The physical event was conducted at the House of Wisdom’s Al Khawarizmi. Digital art, crypto art, musical renditions, and performance was broadcast across 24 screens in the Exhibition area. Two rotational rounds were organized to represent the international artists. Further, the show was accompanied by a two-day conference, which was intended to dive into innovative new technologies in the art world.

The exhibition was organized by Stefano Favaretto, co-founder of Global Art Exhibition, and the Morrow collective. A workshop was also offered to teach people about converting their art into NFTs. During the UAE’s first NFT art exhibition in January, the Morrow collective gathered 50 works from UAE artists.

Exhibition Empowers the Creative Makers’ Community

Art exhibitions have paved the way for creative art makers to develop their next-generation digital art ideas. According to the event organizers, a series of workshops will be held as part of the event. These workshops will encourage discussion on the emergence of innovative technologies in the art industry. The exhibition educated and empowered the artists with practical guidance on transforming NFTs. With the use of NFT and blockchain technology, the event helped in identifying innovative methods to promote contemporary art and artists.

NFT Exhibition Bridges Disparate Groups, Digital Art, and Traditional Art

The NFT art exhibition has enabled the Middle East to narrow the gap between the metaverse, and the real world. Sharjah has unlocked the pathway to virtual exhibitions by hosting an event to showcase an inclusive range of digital art, crypto art, and traditional art from a diverse group of international and local artists. It has bridged the gap and connected numerous artists, visitors, and NFT collectors. Moreover, this collaboration is an example of the values of the region’s support of contemporary and modern art and artists. Aside from this exhibition, the Middle East seeks to connect other nations, artists, and digital and conventional art.

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