Selling NFTs of Weird Whales: how a 12-year-old coder earned $600,000

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Selling NFTs of Weird Whales :

Selling NFTs of Weird Whales :

Experts believe that 2022 will mark the year when NFTs become widely used as more players are entering the industry. The NFT industry saw a 328% increase in the transaction of non-fungible tokens during the third quarter of 2021. Through a decentralized commerce model, NFTs can boost transparency while giving influencers and businesses more artistic freedom in their process implementation. The pace of technological development has been quickly increasing during the last several years. Blockchain is among the sectors that have seen significant growth.

NFTs have received considerable attention, and the sums of money being spent there are staggering. Twelve-year-old developer Benyamin Ahmed has amassed nearly $990,000 in Ethereum. Several cryptocurrency projects and the sale of his Weird Whales NFT collection helped him earn this huge sum. In addition, his NFT collection has generated nearly 5 million dollars in sales.

Benyamin Ahmed’s Weird Whales NFTs Collection

Benyamin has been fascinated by technology from an early age. Later, he became interested in non-fungible tokens and other digital assets. As a result of his obsession with this cutting-edge technology, he agreed to create his own NFT collection. He published 3,350-pixel whale paintings as NFTs on OpenSea in 2021. He made $145,000 from the Weird Whales collection, which quickly sold out. He also partnered with Boring Bananas Co. in the same year and offered technological assistance for the production of 8,888 NFTs known as Non-Fungible Heroes (NFHs). This example of 12-year-old Benyamin demonstrates the viability of NFTs as a means of earning money for anyone.

Do People Need To Learn Coding And Programming To Make NFTs?

NFT development is perceived to be complicated. Even though there are certain requirements, it isn’t as daunting as it seems. Contrary to popular perception, making an NFT doesn’t necessarily require programming knowledge or coding skills. If people possess such skills, it would be advantageous. In this way, they can raise the possibility of generating more sales with bigger deals. In case you don’t have any coding or programming skills then numerous alternatives can help. You can use the NFT collection generator with no coding.

The Thriving Future Of NFTs

How will NFTs fare in the near future? As more liquid investors pour money into these virtual currencies, the NFT sector is flourishing. Their estimated value is skyrocketing, which implies that this is a market with staying power. NFTs are now a fantastic method for developing unforgettable experiences and enabling companies to connect with their target consumers. NFT adoption will reach a tipping point in 2022. Blockchain technology and virtual assets are now the focus of many people and corporate sponsors than ever before, so they will spread more widely. NFTs have piqued the public’s curiosity, making them valuable for several years to come.

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