Promoting Your NFT Project, Here is What You Need to Do

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Promoting Your NFT Project, Here is What You Need to Do :

Promoting Your NFT Project, Here is What You Need to Do

Like cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens need demand to drive up prices. Thus, if nothing or little is known about your material, you may not get the desired price or recognition. Therefore, it is essential that you create publicity for your token to get a share of the market. Keep reading to find ways to promote your NFT project.

How to Promote Your NFT Project

Select a Marketplace

Your chosen marketplace is a strategic part of your NFT promotion plans. Before proceeding, scrutinize a variety of marketplace options, comparing their transaction fees, features, and reputation. High fees might prevent your project from being profitable, while unintuitive features can affect your use of the platform. You also want to consider the reputation a platform has built for itself and the audiences that patronize it. These will be integral to sales in the long run. Some popular and reputable marketplaces in the Middle East are Open sea, Axie Infinity, Rarible, FTX amongst others.

Reach out to Influencers

Liaising with influencers is a great way to establish awareness for your NFT. While reaching out to promoters, ensure that you have something to offer in return. A two-way relationship with a potential influencer guarantee that they will be more committed to making your project successful. Be sure to look through their social media profiles to determine how best you can add value to them. Also, confine your pitches to short and precise lines of text.

Leverage Social Media

Today, tools like Discord and Twitter are beneficial to NFT developers. These spaces allow you to interact with truly enthusiastic communities about innovation and will gladly help one another grow. To gain recognition, ensure you participate in conversations on the platforms. Offer to help others boost their products and contribute valuably to community activities. From here, you can introduce people to what you do and how they might be able to help. You can also leverage fora where established entrepreneurs discuss business development strategies.

Use a Giveaway

Giveaways are another important method of building anticipation for your product. You can attach some cheaper rewards to your giveaway, setting specific rules that drive engagement and awareness. These rules may revolve around reposting your content, tagging friends, dropping comments, or any other metric aimed at a specific purpose. It is important that you run the event sometime before the actual launch. You should also include a link to your marketplace, so your audience can know where to purchase the product.

Organize Live Sessions

Promoting your NFT also requires that you have personal conversations with your audience. You can do this by having live streams or ‘ask me anything’ sessions where you engage directly with your audience. Inform them on what your product is all about and the backdrop to creating it. Also, offer a personal angle to the character behind the token (i.e., yourself). This builds rapport and deepens the connection. Be sure to keep the session brief and interesting while replying to viewers’ questions. Finally, remember to appreciate the audience for showing up and offering a gift for their appearance. This way, people can feel like they are part of your business growth.


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