NFT Ticketing: What Is This, And How Does It Work?

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NFT Ticketing: What Is This, And How Does It Work :

NFTs are fast evolving and have brought about radical changes across diverse areas, including NFT tickets. NFT ticketing is one of the ways for users and event ticketing industries to take advantage of NFTs numerous purposes.

NFT ticketing is a digital access credential in the blockchain industry that gives users exclusive access to live events or programs. For instance, imagine you are going to the cinema to see a movie that recently came out, and you bought the movie ticket ahead of time but suddenly cannot find it or seem to know where you kept it. There is a high tendency to panic out of fear of missing the movie. It is at this point that NFT tickets come into play. With the introduction of NFT ticketing, your chances of misplacing or damaging your ticket is lowered or eliminated.

What is an NFT Ticket?

NFT Tickets are cryptographic tokens. They represent digital assets. NFTs have provided a means for tokenizing digital assets such as real estate, art, and others. NFT tickets are stored on the blockchain network. They serve the purpose of creating authentic proof of ownership. Many cannot access them at once; they can only be assigned to a single owner at a time.

How does NFT Ticket Work

NFT Tickets work the same way physical event tickets work. The only difference is the digital advantage of the NFT. Just like physical tickets admit only one member at a time, NFT tickets also adopt this pattern and can only admit a member at a time at events. Also, NFTs come in limited batches since live events have capacity limits.

The blockchain industry also has a network with a transaction history that clearly states when tickets were bought or sold.

When an NFT Ticket is booked, payment is made to the ticketing company. It triggers a smart contract to claim payment, after which the NFT is sent to the buyer. The tickets are stored in the buyer’s wallet and can be accessed on electronic devices.

Why you should consider NFT tickets for your events

  • They are more secure. NFT tickets can be stored safely in the buyer’s wallet. With them, you do not have to worry about misplacing your ticket because you can access it easily on your mobile device.
  • They provide a means for organizations to gather data on their customers.
  • It reduces or eliminates the chances of misplacing or damaging your tickets.
  • It reduces fraud and the rate of forgery. There is a high probability of buying a fake ticket, particularly if it is a major event. NFTs serve as a trusted source for organizations and ticket users.
  • It reduces cost. It is more economical to mint unforgeable NFT tickets than print physical tickets.


Physical or traditional tickets are gradually fading out. Digital tickets with QR codes are being used, but even that is slowly becoming a thing of the past because of its vulnerability, e.g., QR codes being forged. However, with NFT ticketing comes security and other benefits stated above.

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