NFT Games 2022: Here Are the Leading Games You Should Know About

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Nft Games 2022: Here Are the Leading Games You Should Know About :

Introducing Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) Games to the gaming industry has seen unprecedented adoption and success. They present a unique opportunity of earning in the form of crypto rewards while doing what you love.

Since 2017, when a blockchain-based game, CryptoKitties, launched, NFT games have been doing well. By 2021, the global NFT Games market was valued at $776.9 million.

Leading NFT Games in 2022

The following are the leading NFT games you should know.

Axie Infinity:

The Pokemon video game series is what inspired the Axie Infinity game. The game’s central character is called an Axie. Axies are digital pets meant for battle. You can breed, collect or buy an Axie for battle purposes. When a battle is won, a player earns Smooth Love Potion (SLP), which doubles as the game’s native currency. Axie Infinity also has a governance token – Axie Infinity Shard (AXS). You can trade both SLP and AXS on other crypto exchanges.

Gods Unchained:

This NFT game is similar to a ton of card games. God’s Unchained is a virtual card game where each card represents a character. The characters have unique traits, powers, and strengths that can help gamers win. When you win, you earn the in-game tokens, called GODS, that you can, in turn, trade to get a new card or convert to cash.


Decentraland is a metaverse platform where you build a 3D world by buying and selling virtual land. Buying land on the game allows you to develop it as you. For example, you can build houses, farm on land, or buy more plots of land. You earn the platform’s MANA currency with anything you choose to do with your land. Since it is a 3D world, famous brands like Dolce & Gabana and artists like Grimes have hosted virtual events on the game’s platform.


If you a fan of football, then Sorare might interest you. Sorare is a fantasy football platform that allows you to experience real tournaments and major football leagues. You play this game by collecting real soccer players and creating a five-player team. The game awards points to move to the next level when you win, score a goal, or complete a significant event. Real Madrid and Bayern Munich are two of the clubs available on Sorare.


Splinterlands is another NFT game that is based on cards. Each card in the game is owned as an NFT. Players contest by building a deck of cards and battle against other players in a skill-based match. Each card has unique traits that can help players win the game. In addition, players can sell NFT cards through other crypto exchanges and make money.

Many of these games present a unique gaming experience for anyone willing to venture into NFT gaming. However, this list is not exhaustive, and you might find many other NFT games that match your gaming style.

Closing thoughts

In all your gaming, remember that NFT is still a part of the crypto industry. The NFT gaming industry is projected to grow to multimillion by 2028. Many more gaming platforms may emerge between now and then. Therefore, you should remain careful and conduct your due diligence when you want to explore any NFT game.

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