Meet Some Female Arab NFT Illustrators and Artists That Are Diversifying the Industry

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NFTs have revolutionized the art industry. It has paved the way for many artists to make significant profits and push their work to a larger audience. In recent years, NFT participation has increased in the Arab world, with countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE taking the lead. For instance, the UAE NFT industry is expected to experience annual growth of 45%This indicates that the NFT industry is gaining a stronghold in many Arab countries. 

However, Arab women are not left out either. Since the interest in NFTs grew in the Arab world, more female NFT illustrators have emerged to showcase their works. Many have experienced immense success. 

Top Female NFT Illustrators and Artists in the Arab World

Zeinab Alhashemi

Zainab Alhashemi is an Emirati visual artist. Based in Dubai, she specializes in conceptual art and visual storytelling through experimental multimedia. Zainab has broken through the barriers of the art world by consistently bringing life to Emirati cultural traditions through art. Last year, she became the first Emirati artist to participate in the Forever Now exhibition. Earlier this year, Next Decentrum launched a crypto Emirati NFT collection with Zeinab as the creative director. 

Kristel Bechara

Kristel is based in the UAE. She is globally recognized as an award-winning NFT artist who uses expressive colors to produce cathartic and thought-provoking pieces. So far, Kristel’s artworks have been showcased in numerous galleries across the world. She also has a robust NFT collection to her name. In fact, Kristel is hailed as the first Middle Eastern artist to launch an NFT art series. 

Raya Oklah

Raya Oklah’s career pathway is nothing short of revolutionary. She started as a UI/UX designer, but she decided to quit her job and focus on NFTs. This decision paid off, as she successfully built a team of NFT designers and illustrators. This team helped Raya successfully launch her NFT collection, which is tagged “Beyond Power”. The collection is currently listed on OpenSea with a central theme of women’s empowerment. 

Shurooq Amin

Shurooq is a Kuwaiti artist who has made a name for herself in the global art industry. Due to her burning passion for art, Shurooq holds a Ph.D. in Ekphrasis (art and poetry). She is often regarded as Kuwait’s OG NFT Queen. Shurooq has numerous NFT collections under her belt, and she recently partnered with Give, a platform that connects prospective donors to charities. The Give partnership will ensure that half of Shurooq’s NFT sales are dedicated to charity. 


NFTs have provided a pathway for female Arab artists to showcase their competence and artistry. Since some of these artists have started to break barriers in the art industry, more female Arab artists will likely emerge, particularly in the NFT ecosystem

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