Dubai Police’s 2nd NFT Collection Will Be Unveiled At GITEX 2022

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Dubai Police’s 2nd NFT Collection Will Be Unveiled At GITEX 2022 :

Dubai Police’s 2nd NFT Collection Will Be Unveiled At GITEX 2022

Non-fungible tokens are starting to draw attention from the whole crypto sphere. Despite the bearish market, numerous NFTs are sold every second, allowing their creators to earn millions. Each NFT has its own unique worth making it distinct from other tokens. They’re just like precious stones, rare art pieces, or big-ticket items. They have accomplished significant strides in the visual arts and fintech sectors. NFTs have even moved the needle in the Police Department of Dubai, making it the world’s first police department to mint its NFTs.

At GITEX 2022, Dubai Police plans to introduce the updated version of their NFTs. Earlier this year, over 23 million people showed interest in acquiring NFTs from Dubai Police. Therefore, they are about to release a second collection. The Dubai Police Department distributed the first 150 free NFTs to highlight the department’s commitment to innovation, safety, and communication. However, the forthcoming NFT series will be available internationally.

A Bombarded Response From The First NFTs Edition

The first collection of Dubai Police NFTs brought significant hype among people. Over 22.91 million individuals from all over the globe expressed a desire to purchase Dubai Police’s first NFT offering. The first iteration garnered almost 7,000 DMs from respondents through different social media platforms. Everyone who took part in a raffle draw was called for verification of their electronic wallet details. After screening applicants to determine who fulfilled the criteria, 150 lucky winners got free access to Dubai Police’s digital assets.

Digital Assets Continue To Gain Traction With The Government

The Saudi Arabian, American, Indian, and Nigerian governments were among those that took notice of the Dubai Police Department’s declaration. The announcement of the 2nd NFT collection reflects the government’s expanding focus on the potential of digital assets because there is no way to alter or duplicate NFT-related data stored on a blockchain. Since these digital currencies are secure, the government may now use them to save various sensitive documents or data files. On the other hand, public and private blockchains have made it possible for many governments to make their public records available on NFTs. Various governments are considering using NFTs.

The Widespread Acceptance Of NFTs Begs The Question, “Why?”

Since non-fungible tokens are backed by blockchain, they are legitimate, making it very difficult to create a fake. Common traits of NFTs are their rarity, indivisibility, and distinctiveness. Every NFT has a permanent data tab identifying it as a one-of-a-kind item that serves as proof of purchase or authenticity. Further, NFTs are well-known for securing ownership rights. In their implementation of distributed ledgers, the data is immutable after it has been committed, making tampering or compromise impossible for the owner. A verifiable digital record can be made to prove who owns a particular copy of a digital piece of art. While the art can be viewed by anybody and saved on a mobile device, the viewer could never claim ownership of the original edition or version.

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