Binance launches AI-Powered NFT generator, Bicasso

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Binance launches AI-Powered NFT generator, Bicasso :

One of the biggest trends in the industry this year is the assimilation of artificial intelligence with NFTs. In recent news, telecom engineer Anna Carreras claimed to have sold more than 1000 art pieces in just 45 minutes. Her creations are produced using various algorithms that the artist has developed.

Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange globally, has expanded the global reach of its NFT artificial intelligence service, Bicasso, following a positive test in Europe. Bicasso is an AI NFT generator that enables users to produce unique images using AI, which can later be generated into NFTs on BNB Chain. It was available on a first-to-come basis from March 29 to 30, 2023, to an additional 100,000 customers, including existing and new users.

Nevertheless, AI-powered NFT generators can give clients a unique, personalized experience. Artists and developers will have the option to build interactive, intelligent NFTs based on their preferred characters, promote the creation of online communities, protect the ownership of the avatars, and democratize access to new technology. Find out more about Binance’s latest AI-powered NFT innovation below!

You Can Mint your NFTs For Free with Binance’s AI NFT Generator

By creating an ecosystem that is open to everyone and continues utilizing the most recent technology, Binance is on a mission to facilitate the widespread adoption of Web3. As a result, the world-famous crypto exchange introduced Bicasso. Bicasso enables users to develop, mint, and own a personalized image made with AI by uploading a photograph, such as a profile picture, and giving users creative prompts.

The words “Binance” and “Picasso” were combined to create the moniker Bicasso, which captures the service’s potent blend of cutting-edge technology and artistic talent. On March 1, 2023, Binance made the platform available to a select group of users as a test on its platform. After some time, the service’s popularity soared, and 2.5 hours after its launch, Bicasso achieved its target of minting 10,000 NFTs.

Similar to sites for artificial intelligence (AI) art like DALL-E or Midjourney, it enables users to upload a picture for the tool to edit or enter a prompt to generate an original image. With the switch to Web3, Bicasso elevates things to a new level. Users can mint their works as NFTs on the BNB Chain whenever they are delighted with the images. Then, these NFTs can be added to an external wallet, shared on social media, or used as profile images.

Additionally, Binance’s Bicasso allows “image-to-image” technology, and you can also upload photographs to help Bicasso understand your preferences. Mayur Kamat, the company’s Head of Products, highlighted that Bnance pays attention to customer input. They are deploying it internationally since users appreciated the original restricted test. Bicasso offers Binance a rare chance to combine the strength of AI and Web3 to deliver users a complete experience.

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