5 Best Blogs on NFTs in 2024

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With a steep rise in art aficionados in the world and the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, it’s no doubt that NFTs are taking over the world at a steady rate.

NFTs are so popular that they have successfully managed to create a large community all over the world — united by social media on various forums, platforms and blogs.

And if NFT is something you want to deep dive into, finding a starting point can get difficult. Because it is such a young market, the NFT landscape is evolving all the time. Since many investors are currently holding a vested interest in this space, the interest in this region is expected to grow even more — making the crypto landscape far more volatile and unstable.

There are lots of materials available, whether it’s the newest releases from your favorite crypto artists, thorough dives into market metrics and numbers, or insights and analysis of the industry as a whole.

5 Best Blogs on NFTs in 2024


NonFungible.com, which was founded in 2018, is the community’s go-to source for market graphs, valuation numbers, and pricing analyses. Aside from the charts and figures, NonFungible also offers a terrific blog that aims to educate and encourage individuals active in the NFT area. The site serves as a link between numerous distinct NFT ecosystems, and the blog reflects this, covering topics ranging from NFT games to safe practice guidelines. Despite being a pro-NFT site, the blog does not shy away from discussing certain contentious subjects, such as the market’s environmental effect. NonFungible is a site you’ll want to bookmark since it is powered by a team of NFT veterans and proven specialists.

Foundation App Blog

Foundation.app is a website for live bidding on NFTs utilizing crypto wallets such as MetaMask. Their goal is to use the Ethereum blockchain to foster innovation and a vibrant economy for all parties involved. The Foundation.app blog, which focuses on art and artists, is jam-packed with exciting interviews and highlights of rising and known artists.

Interviews, with various industry professionals, are excellent tools for creators. Artists, collectors, and NFT makers may use the blog to learn how to promote their work and find notable artists. The Foundation.app blog is an excellent resource for getting to know the people who build the NFT space.

The Art NewsPaper

The Art Newspaper, once a news station chronicling the realm of paintings and drawings, is now analyzing blockchains, cryptocurrencies as NFTs invade the popular art scene. By screening the news site for NFTs, you may discover expert, incisive comments on NFT sales, developments, and VR expo evaluations. TheArtNewspaper helps individuals in the crypto sector to examine how NFTs are seen by those on the opposite side of the art world.


CoinDesk, one of the most prominent news sites and blogs in the field, is often regarded as the de facto resource of crypto media coverage. The site has become a known and reputable wellspring of data on all things blockchain, covering everything from government legislation to NFT games.

With regular coverage of digital art and collectable news, CoinDesk may also be considered one of the best NFT blogs, ensuring that you’re obtaining accurate data and also expert commentary. CoinDesk is an excellent blog for staying up to date on NFT developments, with regular news broadcasts including expert panelists.


After a meteoric rise in 2021, the NFT platform OpenSea has become one of the space’s most powerful companies. Though their popularity is due in part to their business acumen and the platform’s simplicity of use, the group’s blog is also what draws users to the site.

The blog, which features artist profiles and updates on what NFTs are hot, has been one of the greatest ways to stay up to date. The journal not only keeps you up to speed on NFTs, but it also acts as a forum for the team to understand developments and upgrades to the platform, which is important for both sellers and collectors.

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