Nft Adoption in Qatar – Key Stats and Leading Companies

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The nature of Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) adoption is slightly different from the general notions of adoption. NFT adoption is simply the pace at which stakeholders (individuals, institutions, and companies) embrace the use and transactions of NFTs. It is glaring that the rate of NFT awareness and transactions has significantly increased recently, with several companies delving into NFT in different sectors and industries globally. Below are some key stats on NFT adoption and Qatar’s leading NFT adoption companies.

What are the Key Stats and Leading Companies Adopting NFT in Qatar

Recently, NFT adoption has generally been high in the Middle East. This adoption craze can be traced to significant efforts by the government to provide heavy financial investments and regulation. NFTs are given the free reins to thrive in a territory like Qatar such that the estimated figure of NFT adoption in the region is between $40 billion and $65 billion. Here are a few companies that have jumped on the NFT adoption train.

1. Enjin

Enjin is one of the leading NFT adoption companies in Qatar. Late last year, the global company introduced a means of scanning a QR code to have one’s NFT directed to their crypto wallet instantly. This innovation removes one of the evident barriers to NFT adoption and encourages using digital stamps and proof of ownership for the NFT in question. Users can now download an Enjin-created application called Beam to combine with a web wallet to send NFTs directly to their crypto wallet with no hassles. This innovation by Enjin places it at the top spot for the ease of NFT use and adoption in Qatar. There are also several ways that Enjin has actively attempted to accelerate NFT adoption.

2. Remooz

The Egypt-based company Remooz has begun intensive NFT adoption with its website,, which allows real-time access to NFTs and allows users to register, mint, network, and engage in e-commerce trade using its NFT marketplace. Remooz is a user-friendly NFT marketplace in which open-source blockchain allows for eco-friendly private, energy and speed-efficient NFT-related transactions.

3. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways has made apparent efforts to adopt NFTs to its routines. One of the numerous measures includes NFTs and ticket purchases to its virtual world, QVerse. The QVerse is an optimal virtual reality space that allows passengers to perform various functions, including check-ins, a virtual tour of the aeroplane’s cabin, and general navigation. The airways believes that this reflects passengers’ desire for instruments that encourage effective decision-making by promoting the discovery of all aspects of the airways before check-in or booking by the passenger. Indeed, Qatar Airways is redefining its scope through the mechanism of NFTs.


The world is rapidly going down the promising path of web 3.0, and it is reassuring to see that Egypt is not left out. Qatar has attempted to make significant adoption of NFT in different spheres. Although the city may still have a long way to go before it is deemed the one with the highest NFT adoption.

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