A Guide to its Features and How to Navigate the Platform

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The OpenSea platform, usually compared to eBay for cryptocurrencies, has earned the title of being the most notable and significant Non-Fungible Token market. According to reports, it has a staggering user base of over a million registered users. In addition, approximately 80 million various types of NFTs are available for trading on this enormous marketplace. OpenSea today boasts an astounding market value of $13.3 billion (£9.8 billion), which is a testament to its success. This article explores some of the platform’s features and how it works.

How Does The OpenSea Platform Work?

OpenSea is a blockchain-based aggregator marketplace for buying, selling, and trading Non-Fungible Tokens. It works similarly to well-known e-commerce platforms like eBay or Etsy but in a decentralized manner.

Similar to these platforms, OpenSea supports transactions between individuals, but with a special twist: It only deals with NFTs of various kinds, from utility NFTs like membership tickets to art, music, collectibles, virtual lands, sports assets, and domain names.

Opensea is a non-custodial open-sea marketplace that accepts a number of different blockchains and offers a wide selection of categories. Here are some noteworthy characteristics of Opensea:

  • Seaport: Users can buy and trade NFTs more securely and effectively due to the Seaport Web3 marketplace protocol. It also enables them to make transactions more affordably because of Seaport’s 35% reduction in gas fees.
  • Drops: Using this function, creators can publish collections with specific drop pages right on the site. Drops give artists a means to create buzz about their collections and an air of scarcity.
  • Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): NFTs are exclusive digital assets stored on the blockchain and are available for purchase and sale on Opensea. These materials consist of in-game items, virtual property, and artwork.
  • Item Page: Each NFT has an item page provided by Opensea, where users can access information on the asset’s inventor, type, and current owner. Users can also access the history of the NFT, including its former owners and transaction history.
  • Collected Tab: Users can view the NFTs they have purchased or gathered by going to the collected tab on the platform. It offers a practical approach to managing one’s collection.
  • Wallet Icon: Users can connect their Metamask wallet and begin buying or selling NFTs by clicking the Wallet symbol on Opensea.
  • Minting Functionality: Creators can establish ownership rights and authenticity for their digital works using the minting functionality.
  • Transparency: Without the use of middlemen, self-executing smart contracts from OpenSea provide safe, transparent transactions.
  • Support for several blockchains: OpenSea’s connectivity with a number of different blockchains enhances accessibility beyond Ethereum.


The OpenSea platform is excellent for purchasing, selling, and discovering NFTs across several blockchains. It is the largest multi-chain NFT marketplace and gives NFT enthusiasts a safe and convenient experience on a global scale. Also, it offers users a range of tools to improve user experience, including item pages, virtual worlds, and timed auctions, whether you are selling your first NFT or adding to your NFT collection.

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