7 Ways to Find and Track Upcoming NFT Projects in 2023

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The NFT market is booming everywhere and it’s no secret that it’s getting harder every day. The worth of these tokens is increasing as more and more individuals show interest in this new type of digital ownership. Everyone is heard discussing NFTs and the metaverse. Every day, recent NFT trends are emerging in the industry.

Finding the ideal non-fungible asset to invest in has become highly challenging. You may question why you should follow the most well-known NFTs or watch the top trending NFTs. You must follow the trending NFTs to profit from the NFT market. Tools for NFT analysis are helpful in this situation.

Here is our quick guide to get you started if you’re looking for ways to explore NFT rarity, identify potentially profitable NFT projects, and delve deeper into the NFT world.

Top 7 Resources to Track and Research NFT Projects

NFT rarity is significant when determining the value of a token. There is a high demand for rare NFTs by investors and collectors because they’re generally considered high-value investments. The following are among the best sites to scout and discover unique NFT projects before they enter the market

  1. Twitter 

Twitter is a great place to find all the latest and relevant news about a recent NFT. You can follow the development of a particular project on their handle and find external links to other sites and channels to stay up-to-date. In addition, you can create NFT lists on Twitter to easily access NFT news and hear directly from industry leaders. 

  1. NFT Analytics and Tools 

NFT analytic tools help users discover real-time market trends and price details. They can assist users in effectively tracking their activities using variables such as NFT rarity, price charts, whale wallet activity, sale trends, and other data. 

  1. Telegram Communities 

Another way to stay informed about industry news is by joining telegram channels and communities. Also, you can easily network with other NFT collectors and get invites to NFT events and conferences to connect with industry experts. 

  1. Discord 

Discord servers promote genuine conversations about NFTs and help community members get updates and developments directly from official NFT schemes. 

  1. NFT Calendars 

NFT calendars display the most recent, earlier, current, and upcoming NFT drops. Many of them are easily searchable on Google, and you can also locate them by hanging out in NFT groups like the ones indicated above. 

  1. Newsletters 

By subscribing to NFT influencers and NFT newsletters, you may get the latest information about forthcoming NFT drops and industry trends. Furthermore, you can make better selections using the analysis and comments these newsletters offer on the NFT market. 

  1. Opensea Marketplaces 

The most well-known trading, buying, and selling platform for NFTs is OpenSea. But it has uses beyond just perusing a stunning collection of digital artwork. To track and analyse your investments in digital art and determine how you may increase your returns, OpenSea is an efficient NFT application.

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